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Harnessing the power of social media to connect you with your ideal audience


About Us

At The Niche Social, we aim to help you develop your brand through the power of content creators already building communities around your niche. Whether it’s fitness, food, fashion or anything in-between, we work with hand-picked, carefully curated pools of influencers who are ready to tell your story, connecting you with your target audience in the process.

Our mission is simple: to build a symbiotic relationship between your brand and content creators who genuinely already care about your product or service. We focus on engagement, authority, reach and trust within our content creators – not merely on follower counts – to ensure that we connect you with the right content creators, be they micro or macro.

We believe that social media marketing is changing. Meaningful, engaging content that drives not only growth and visibility, but also your brand vision, is crucial. Making the connection with your ideal content creator though, can sometimes be difficult. This is where we come in.

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We offer standard or bespoke packages based on your goals, needs and long-term vision as a brand. Among others, we provide:

  • Content Creation 

  • User-Generated Content

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Consulting

Get in touch with us to find out more of if you have a specific need not listed above.

Clients &

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+200  campaigns  

+1M  influencers  

+10M  campaign 

Our Process

>>> Hop on a call with us to discuss your needs

Book your free call with us to discuss your aims, vision and requirements. We will discuss ways in which we can help and set clear goals whereby we can create, measure and optimise your campaign.


>>> Choose from our curated pool of content creators already thriving in your niche

We advise you to find the ideal fit. All our creators are leaders within their niche, and you will have access to our roster to find the perfect one.


>>> We run and manage your campaign

After defining the parameters of your campaign and identifying key KPIs, we work with your chosen content creator to create and deliver your campaign. You sit back and reap the rewards.

>>> Track and optimise your results

We hold a detailed debriefing with every single client. We deliver detailed reports about the campaign, taking stock of the results, and discuss optimisation.

How  We Work 

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